Author: François Huber

Kemwatt is a winner of the French Tech Transfer Invest

Kemwatt has participated in the French Tech Transfer Invest, and event organized in Paris by Bpifrance, a European powerhouse in public funding of innovation, and the SATTs, the French companies that manage innovation transfer from public laboratories to private business in France.

As a result, Kemwatt was in the group of companies that received the Best Presentation Award, and will be invited to participate in the European event later this year.

KEMWATT Achieves a World Premiere in Energy Storage With Its 10 kW Organic Redox Flow Battery

PrototypeKemwatt announces that it has successfully designed, assembled and tested a 10 kW industrial prototype of an Organic Redox Flow Battery, that can store electricity from renewable sources or support smart grids and micro grids.

Based on its innovative chemistry and stack, this very first non-corrosive Organic Redox Flow Battery of industrial size has required two years of development from the French startup. It paves the way to simple, reliable and affordable storage solutions, and represents a major step for the expansion of renewable energy, smart grids and micro grids around the world.

Storing and releasing large amounts of energy in a cleaner way
In spite of advances made against global warming and at a time when renewable energy becomes competitive with fossil fuels and nuclear energy, the development of clean energy is constrained today by the management of its intermittency and the question of storage.

Redox Flow Batteries offer a solution since they can store many hours of energy production, such as wind energy at night or solar energy in the middle of the day, chemically in liquid electrolytes. However, until today these batteries used highly acidic, corrosive electrolytes, resulting in reliability, lifetime, safety and environmental issues.

Thanks to its non-corrosive, alkaline chemistry and its more natural molecules, Kemwatt’s Organic Redox Flow Battery solves these problems and makes large scale implementation possible, whether for industrial purposes or remote areas.

Boosting large scale development of renewable energy and implementation of micro grids
This technology allows universal implementation of renewable energy: with little maintenance and lifetimes comparable to the wind turbines or solar farms they are connected to, these systems will be integrated in smart-grids in the European Union and the United States, and also in emerging economies where they will help powering micro grids.

“Our ambition is to accelerate the development and the adoption of renewable energy around the world.” Explains François Huber, the CEO of Kemwatt. “Our systems will power micro-grids in rural areas in the whole world and bring a modern and clean energy solution to over a billion people who have no access to electricity.”

In the coming months, Kemwatt’s technology will be tested in various applications in partnership with customers, in order to finalize product development and quickly initiate sales. A fundraising round will be made early 2017 to carry out these key steps.

Ionwatt becomes Kemwatt and raises €1.2 m.

Emertec Go Capital Ouest ValorisationIonwatt changes its name to become Kemwatt and has completed a fundraising round of €1.2 m. with its investors, investment funds Go Capital and Emertec, Ouest Valorisation, Pierre-Yves Divet and its founders (two scientists of the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, Florence Geneste and Didier Floner, and the CEO, François Huber).

With a team of 9 people, Kemwatt develops an innovative redox flow battery technology for the world market of energy storage, for which it has received several awards. Spurred by the relentless growth of renewable energy, the energy storage market should be extremely dynamic in the next few years and redox flow batteries are in a key position to benefit from this since they can store hours of high power production (MW). The proceeds of this round will be used to further the industrial development of the technology, test the first demonstrators and expand the contacts made with markets in the European Union and the United States.

ADEME awards €220,000 to Ionwatt

LogoFurther to its call for projects on sustainable energy, the French agency for the development and management of energy (ADEME) has awarded a grant of €220,000 to Ionwatt to support the development of a redox flow battery prototype based on its innovative technology. 14 other projects also got funding.

Ionwatt wins i-lab 2015 grand prize


Ionwatt has been designated grand prize of i-lab 2015.

Organized by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, this annual competition selects innovative projects and startups based on public research. 174 projects and startups were rewarded this year, out of which 5 were awarded a grand prize.

Ionwatt also received a €325,000 grant that will be used to further develop its innovative redox flow battery technology.

Ionwatt selected for NETVA

Netva winnersIonwatt has been selected for NETVA with 17 companies in a nationwide contest.

Organized by the French diplomatic service in the US, the NETVA (NEw Technology Venture Accelerator) program is intended to give high potential French startups privileged access to the North American market.

After a 3-day preparation in Paris at the headquarters of Microsoft France, winners will spend one week in October in one of four locations in North America (Boston, San Francisco, Washington or Toronto), where they will be trained by a group of experts and meet selected contacts.

Due to the specifics of the stationary energy storage market in the United States, the Ionwatt team will focus on the Bay area, but will also be in Boston for a few days.

Ionwatt reaches NETVA finals

Netva logoIonwatt will join the final selection round for NETVA. Organized by the French diplomatic service in the United States, the NETVA (NEw Technology Venture Accelerator) program is intended to give high potential French startups privileged access to the North American market.

The winners will train for 3 days in Paris and then spend one week in one of 4 locations in North America (Boston, San Francisco, Washington or Toronto) with experts and selected contacts.