In the years leading to the creation of Kemwatt, two scientists at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences (ISCR), Didier Floner and Florence Geneste, started developing components for an electrochemical reactor, and eventually came to realize that it could be used in a new kind of flow battery.

Ouest Valorisation, a company in charge of making value out of innovations by public laboratories in Western France, funded two successive programs to further develop the innovations and looked for partners to take advantage of the business potential.

_F0A5321 copyAs a result, Ionwatt was founded in 2014 by Didier Floner and François Huber. A first € 800 k. round of funding was made the same year with Ouest Valorisation, Emertec, a fund involved in energy technologies, Go Capital, a fund specialized in technology start-ups, and Pierre-Yves Divet, a chemist with an extended experience. Grants of about € 700 k. were also awarded to the young company in the following months.

A team of experts was promptly recruited and started the first stages of prototyping, with the goal of bringing to the market as quickly as possible a novel flow battery.

Ionwatt was renamed Kemwatt in 2015.